VivaTech is the place to discover the innovations that will change the way we live, and it's also the place where new business opportunities open up. At each edition, we play our role of talent scout, at the forefront of technology.


VivaTech will showcase the latest advances in the fields of health with the latest innovations in genetics and biotechnology. A dive into the quantum universe and cybersecurity, as well as demonstrations related to robotics, will give a glimpse of what tomorrow's machines will look like. The boom of the New Space economy and space exploration will also be on the program, as well as a program dedicated to the impact of the digital in music, art and culture in general. 5G will also be in the spotlight, with 2021 being the year of its implementation. 

Orange, a founding partner of VivaTech, will give 5G the spotlight: health and wellbeing; gaming and entertainment; industry; training and education; smart cities; mobility and transport... In all these areas, Orange imagines the new and positive applications for 5G in our lives.  


Innovations will be front and center in the Tech to watch area, on our partners' Labs and all around VivaTech, so don't miss out:

Sense Glove, in the Discovery zone, creates haptic gloves that make training and professional situations more realistic through virtual reality – they can be used for mastering real-situation tasks at a lower cost and with less risk. Next Modular (digital) develops tests of electric (soon to be autonomous) and modular vehicles. These "buses" of the future can be detached or assembled in motion to optimize vehicle capacity, travel fluidity and transportation costs. Tests have already been carried out in Dubai, and logistics solutions are currently being developed. MACA (Région du Sud) is developing the first hydrogen-powered Formula 1 flying car. A non-polluting vehicle, less noisy and more spectacular than a racing car. Alauda (digital), an Australian manufacturer, will unveil the prototype of its flying car, scheduled to compete in car races in 2022. Cognixion (digital) is the first wireless augmented reality headset connected to the brain that speaks according to your thoughts, allowing many people suffering from language-related pathologies to communicate more easily; Carbonium is a new material made from carbon fiber which is much less polluting than conventional materials and three times stiffer than titanium and half as heavy – very useful partiularly for the manufacture of certain key aeronautical parts. Stuck Labs (digital) developed a no-touch technology that makes buttons intelligent and limits the risk of spreading disease on surfaces at risk of transmission; Loomia (digital) makes fabrics integrating an electrical circuit, allowing the addition of connected, tactile, heating and lighting functionalities.


                         Sense Glove                                                                                                             MACA (Région du Sud)

Many robots will be demoed at VivaTech, among them Reachy, a 3D-printed, open-source, remotely controllable robot with image recognition, voice recognition and the ability to precisely manipulate objects Several robots are featured on the Swisstech Lab: Maxon is a Swiss manufacturer and supplier of high-precision drive systems that provides DC electric motors, AC motors, encoders, gears and electric motor controllers. One of their motors powered Colossus, the firefighting robot that helped extinguish the Notre Dame fire. CRUZR is the latest humanoid robot from Swiss startup Avatarion equipped with the best navigation solution. OREA is an intelligent delivery robot. ROVéo is an agile robot for industrial site safety and security monitoring.