The workplace – an area that has certainly undergone major changes in the past year. VivaTech considers work from many angles this year:


The impact of remote working on the organization but also on corporate culture and the lasting changes telecommuting could cause in a company's practices; how companies had to adapt and innovate in terms of Human Resources management and management of their talents and their new hires. The world of startups and digital has not lacked imagination for helping us adapt, cope with the effects of the health crisis, and pivot to new business models.


Some exciting innovations on our watchlist will also be unveiled, among them Microsoft Mesh, Microsoft's new platform for users of the HoloLens augmented-reality headset. Users of the headset can converse with others more directly in a virtual workspace, through holograms. Also hosted by Microsoft, the startup Witivio presents a chatbot specifically designed to engage with colleagues. La vitre is an immersive video portal for holding conferences and is a true extension of the physical world for telecommuting. Didimo can model, from a simple selfie, human faces in 3D in less than 90 seconds. Experis Career Accelerator, by ManpowerGroup, is the career transition GPS, designed in partnership with corporations, recruitment companies, and governments to help workers make faster, smarter and more successful career transitions in the age of automation. Klaxoon, the first scaleup to be a major partner of VivaTech, will unveil its new generation of products designed for hybrid work include Board Hybrid™️ and Hybridity™️, a “whiteboard room”, a revolutionary workspace.



                                                             Microsoft Mesh




It's in our DNA – VivaTech facilitates meetings, and creates connections between startups and large corporations, between young job-seekers and recruiters... 2021 is a particularly pivotal year for youth and employment.  That's why we are launching our job board in partnership with CleverConnect to connect young job-seekers, corporations and startups. The aim is to offer internships and apprenticeships, or a first job in positions close to the world of VivaTech and to create a bridge between the communities that come together at VivaTech. 

Every year, we also strive to make VivaTech accessible to students through the creation of academic partnerships with schools, universities, training courses and networks in France and abroad.  This year, some 50 academic partners have been established, with historic partners but also with new institutions. 

We are offering a mostly online experience for students during the B2B days of June 16, 17 and 18: job board, networking room, and speed meetings to connect them with the various stakeholders of VivaTech, before they dive into the general public experience on Saturday.